Defect - Sync fields "Backlog Items" (Octane) <=> "rel.outward.blocks" (Jira) error

Hello all,

When synchronizing via MF Connect, I have the following problem: When transferring a defect from Octane to Jira, the field "rel.outward.blocks" is not populated if it is attached to a Jira Issue Type "Use Case". An error message appears: "com.connect.api.exceptions.syncLifecycle.SkipSyncItemException: Failed to set field, cannot find value that is an item. Source item:Defect 14077, field:linked_items1; Target item:BugCQ-14"

Additional information:
A defect (see mapping) is transmitted bidirectionally Jira/Octane. The defect is linked to a backlog item (see mapping), i.e. to a user story in Octane. In Jira we map two issue types "Use Case and New Feature" to stories in Octane. Now, when transferring a defect to Jira, the following happens:

  • From Jira to Octane, the linking always works (The field "rel.outward.blocks" must have a value, of course).
  • From Octane to Jira the linking only works with New Features, but not with Use Cases.
  • You have to keep in mind that in Octane the same entity is used - the story - so I can't understand why it doesn't work.
    • From this I conclude that it must be the issue type "Use Case" in Jira.

Does anyone have any ideas?