Formatting in Description field is lost (from Octane to Jira)

Hello all,

it is about the connection between Octane and Jira. When synchronizing from Octane to Jira, the formatting (like bold, italics, colors, ...) is lost in the Description field. From Jira to Octane the transfer of formatting works fine.

Did I forget to set something? Is this not supported?

Jira: 8.5.14
Octane: 15.1.40
MF Connect: 4.4.0

  • Hi,

    We released MF Connect 4.4.1 in June of 2021.

    Since then, we are also making  hot fix patches available to customer (on top of 4.4.1)

    I recommend you open a support incident, we'll work with you to upgrade to the latest version of MF Connect, with hot fixes.

    if after that you continue to  see the behavior you are questioning, we can take that to r&d.

    take care