MF Connect JIRA customize bug workflow not synchronizing to the defects to ALM Octane

Hello Team,

We are facing the issue while synchronizing the JIRA and Octane.

We have modified the JIRA workflow same as the ALM Octane workflow. And the JIRA status to Octane Status in MF Connect core.

But after starting the connection the synchronization is not working the work item are just flowing from Octane and nothing in flowing from JIRA.

Please help to resolve this issue. MF connect core version is 4.4.1 and all the connectors have the same version too.

  • Hullo Bhushan,

    Unfortunately, there is no information in this post besides the fact that MF Connect is not working for you.

    I'd suggest you start by opening a Support Incident.

    Please provide all the details you can in this incident, and do state that you have also  asked this question on the forum.

    Finally, please state that I responded to you, and you would appreciate talking to me.

    I will be delighted to help resolve your problems.

    Take care

    Anil Peres-da-Silva