Screen resolution error for my vugen script when ran in BPM

Hello Experts ,

We are running a True Client Protocol script from BPM , but it throws a "Screen Resolution Error 1280*800".Attaching the snip of the error for reference.

The same script works good from Vugen in both the modes.

BSM Version :: 9.40
BPM Version :: 9.53
Vugen Version :: LR-2020
Protocol used :: True Client.

Output of the script when ran in VuGen is as follows ::

"Virtual User Script started at : 2021-12-20 14:31:33
Running Vuser...
Starting iteration 1.
Notify: Transaction "LOGIN_FUNCTION" started.
t=00007180ms: Warning -205179: The TC.getParam API is deprecated because it is synchronous. Use the asynchronous "Generic API Action" step instead. For details, see [MsgId: MWAR-205179]
Notify: Transaction "LOGIN_FUNCTION" ended with a "Pass" status (Duration: 14,2470 Think Time: 0,0120 Wasted Time: 3,3930).
Notify: Transaction "01_PRD_BVRH_IA1_BVRHCARREFOUR" started.
Notify: Transaction "01_PRD_BVRH_IA1_BVRHCARREFOUR" ended with a "Pass" status (Duration: 3,0150 Wasted Time: 1,7330).
Notify: Transaction "02_PRD_BVRH_IA1_LOGOUT" started.
t=00025672ms: Warning -205179: Error to get tab when trying to attach debugger - No tab with id: 9. [MsgId: MWAR-205179]
Notify: Transaction "02_PRD_BVRH_IA1_LOGOUT" ended with a "Pass" status (Duration: 2.4000 Wasted Time: 2.3090).
Ending iteration 1.
Ending Vuser...
Vuser Terminated."

Please let me know the fix for this.