Where to download MF Connect for Solman (Component 2)


I am trying to download component # 2 for the Microfocus Connect for SAP Solution Manager.


However, I do not have access here. Is this file to be downloaded from SAP marketplace, or will this be from MF Marketplace?

Is this the same with the ST-QCA addon?




  • hullo luigi,

    if you click on the link,


    you go straight to the page & the download button to the far right

    you do need to be logged into the community site. that is all.

  • Verified Answer

    Hi Luigi,

    The SAP Connector is unique in that the second component is from a different location. You must login with your MF customer credentials to access this portion. 

    Component 2:
    SAP Solution Manager add-on - the second part of the integration consists of a plugin that runs on the SAP platform and executes all data access activities.
    This component is to be downloaded from sld.microfocus.com for existing ALM Octane and ALM/QC customers. It is not available as a free download on this Marketplace page due to licensing reasons.
    If you want to use the SAP SolMan connector to sync with a Micro Focus product other than ALM or Octane, please contact Customer Care (open support case for your MF product and mention in the case that it is about MF Connect and the SAP SolMan connector).
    The components which will be deployed by a SAP BASIS Administrator within the SAP environment are:

    • mfcconnectorsolman.sar
    • YMFConnect_Full.bcs

    For further information about component 2 please refer to the PDF document available as part of component 1.

    Hope that helps,