Getting issue while installing Microfocus Connect Core 4.4.1

Hi all,

We tried using 8081/8090 but page is not getting open. Even telenet is unsuccessful.
We need to inform our IT team to open port so plaese provide us public ip address.



  • Hi Pritee,

    The MF Connect Server port is configurable, if the default port of 8081 is not free or open.

    You can modify it by editing conf\server.xml around line 69 to modify the connector definition. Default is:

    <Connector port="8081" protocol="org.apache.coyote.http11.Http11NioProtocol"
    redirectPort="8443" />

    A restart is required for changes to take effect.

    If you wish to use the default port, 8081 should be opened in the firewall.

    I'm afraid I'm unable to tell you the public IP address of your server. Your IT team should be able to determine this, however it is likely that the machine is accessible on your internal network only.

    Many Thanks,