Field Mapping Target Release between JIRA and ALM


Can anyone tell me how to do this mapping?

We have a field Target Release in ALM on defects screen. This field doesn't show up in the Field Mapping at all from the ALM side. 

There is a similar field in JIRA side, it does show up in the field mapping.

Wondering why the Target Release doesn't show up and how to do this mapping for Defect Type between ALM and JIRA?


  • Well, it all depends...

    When did you add the field 'Target Release' to the ALM Defects type?

    A few moments before you tried to see it in Connect?

    If so, did you stop & restart the connect service? 

    or did you 'Flush the server cache'?

    Has the field 'always' been there? Even before you installed Connect?

    What type of field is this field? A String?

    Does it show up if you don;t select the JIRA 'Target Release' first?

    What version of MF Connect are you using?

    How long has your organization been using it?

    How many connections are you running so far?

    Are you up to date with the very latest version of MF COnnect? i.e. 4.4.1, ALM/QC HF7, Jira HF6, Server HF8?

    There could be a myriad reasons for why fields do not show up in MF Connect, unfortunately, the forum isn;t necessarily the best place to have a threaded discussion on topics of this nature.

    If this is your first time using the product, please, first, do read the online help...

    Next, open an incident with ALM/QC asking for someone from the Connect on-boarding team to help you learn to use the product.

    Then, contact your Customer Success Manager or Technical Account Manager, and let them know you've opened an incident, so they can expedite it internally.

    Take care


  • Target Release is a system field in ALM which was always there. Adding a new user field shows up, after the flush but not the Target Release. Its doesn't show up in the list even when nothing is selected for JIRA. This is a num field in ALM. BTW, I have read the help but didn't fine any information related to this. I will create a support ticket with MicroFocus...

  • Please share the case number in this thread.

    I will follow up.

    Thank you

  • Hi Siddanna,

    I've just seen your case. Since you are on version 4.4 of MicroFocus Connect, which is over 1.5 years old, we need you to upgrade to the latest build to be able to assist you with your issue.