migrate the Starteam 2005 R2 repositories to bitbucket Cloud

Hi Team,

We need to migrate the Starteam  2005 R2 repositories to bitbucket Cloud.Is there any automated way or any tool that can help  us in extracting the complete project from Starteam to our local machine from where we can push the code to Bitbucket using GIT.

Can you please guide us or if possible schedule a call with us to help and support.

  • Hi.

    StarTeam 2005 R2 is hopelessly out of date.
    There is no formal support available for it besides assisting you in upgrading to a current version of StarTeam (which requires active support&maintenance contract).

    Of course, you can checkout every file in its current version from StarTeam to a local file system and then push that into Git.
    Besides this basic capability, transfer of additional data (e.g. bringing across version history or labels or view structure/content) is not something we offer for moving from StarTeam to something else.