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Ability to replicate identical mappings as ALM Synchronizer

Sarah Hancock Sarah Hancock
Status : Needs Clarification

Hi Sarah.

This idea needs some clarification and some rework:

  1. Ideas should be atomic.
    They should not mix/contain multiple different enhancements.
    Req #1 is very different from Req #2 and thus they need their own individual idea submissions.
    Without a separate idea item for at least Req #2 I will have have to eventually decline this idea.
  2. Req #1 is unclear.
    What exactly is meant with value mapping for reference/item type fields?
    How is this not what Calculated fields enable today?
  3. Req #3 is unclear.
    I do not understand this req in general, if it is meant to be different from Req #1.

Please keep in mind that ideas need to be clearly understandable for other community members, so that they can vote for them.
As such, you should provide examples for every idea/request.

Best Regards,

See status update history
Request 1 - The ability to implement value mapping for field mappings between fields of type reference/item
Request 2 - The ability to perform string manipulation of field values in calculated values
Request 3 - When mapping between a field of type reference/item and a field of type string - the ability to select a property of the item to syncronise - i.e Name/ID/URL etc
  • I was asked to raise these by Ed Benton & David Carson (MF Connect Customer Facing R&D).

    In ALM Synchronizer we have QC Target Release  mapped to Jira Fix Versions. We have specific value mappings e.g 

    QC                    Jira

    R6.0               ->  R6.0

    R6.0 PostGL   -> R6.0

    R6.1               ->  R6.1

    R6.1 PostGL   -> R6.1 

      From discussions with Ed & David this mapping is not possible in Connect, and they asked me to raise these requests to make Connect have same functionality as ALM Synchronizer.