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Ability to run full sync without manually clearing watermarks

Status : Under Consideration
Under Consideration
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over 1 year ago

Currently it is not possible to perform periodic "full sync" (in ALM Sync terminology). Despite "clear HWM" functionality mentioned in, there is no option to clear HWM periodically, according to a schedule. Basically, we are looking for "Full Sync" feature similar to ALM Sync's one.


Sync Behavior
  • Hullo John,

    We've found several issues with watermarks which are all being addressed in the upcoming 4.3.5 patch release.

    If we've missed something, we'll gladly accept feedback on any issues you may encounter with the new build.


    If you'd like help deleting a connection, please open an incident through your MicroFocus product. My team an I will happily assist you.

    Take care



  • This is 100% necessary to have a reliable synchronization mechanism and surprised this isn't part of the core framework at this point (well, maybe not surprised considering we can't even delete links, but I digress).

    Our scenario has to do with Connect causing it's own issues with having multiple sessions on the same project and locking itself out of records until we manually clear out duplicate Connect sessions in ALM.  At this point, we have to manually clear watermarks once a week which is ridiculous.

    Please get this in so Connect has at least a sense of autonomy in it.