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MF Connect - ServiceNow additional types validation on save

Status : Under Consideration
4 months ago

Brief Description:

When we are need to map additional types from ServiceNow, MF Connect has the option to enter the additional types to be needed in the data source area, but it doesn't validate the types if entered types are valid types according to the connected ServiceNow instance. Also, it lists the added incorrect types too under Types tab with no errors which makes the user to think that everything is ok, so go ahead and do the mapping but it's not.

Benefits / Value:

We have added incorrect type names, and proceeded with mapping, run because no errors were shown. When we ran, nothing happened, no audits, no errors; so reached out to help desk and costed lot of hours for us until we figure out the type names should be the actual table names behind for the linked entity of ServiceNow.

So, if MF Connect does the validation of types that we added in the Additional Types field while save, it would make sense and avoid in resulting more confusions.

Design details:

1. User enters the additional types

2. Click Save

3. Immediately, MF Connect should validate if the added types are valid types according to the connected ServiceNow instance.

4. If types are valid, only then it should save successfully and show the types under Types tab.


  • Hi Shan.

    This looks more like a defect in need of fixing than an enhancement request.

    ER maybe to validate at the very beginning like you propose - but no errors, no audits is a bug to be fixed. not a new feature/idea to be implemented!

    -> Please open Support case with us so that we can properly track, analyze (we might ask for more details, etc.) and address this issue.

    Best Regards,

  • Hi Dominique,

    Yes, you're correct. I have created here for the ER part. For the no errors or audits part, already created a support request separately, and I guess we closed that as we found the incorrect name issue, corrected it and now it's working.


  • Can you please provide the case number (either here or send me a Private message via the Community system)?

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