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MF Connect 4.4 Error Email Format

Status : Needs Clarification
2 months ago

Hi Team,

In the current scenario MF Connect is sending out the error email notification for any failure entity for a particular connection in a complete log format which is not in a readable format. We would like to see MF Connect sent out the emails in a more user-friendly format like it used to send in ALM Synchronizer where you could easily identify the number of failed records and the reason behind them.

Please check on the vendor support ticket #SD02903611 where the vendor has already identified this format as an issue and asked us to raise an ER for it. Thus raising this ER in order to fix the issue in the future releases or patch .




  • Hi Priyam.

    This is a public, voting-based ideation system.

    As such, ideas submitted need to be self-contained regrading their description so that any other customer can understand the idea as written and can decide to vote for it or not.
    Also, customers are expected to submit their ideas themselves so that they can vote on them and for proper tracking.

    This idea does not conform with either (e.g. reference to non-public SD for details).
    For now, I'm setting the status accordingly.

    Another route is to submit a (customer-specific) enhancement request via Support instead of via Idea Exchange - it will then of course not be able to collect votes from other customers.