SyncItem - write a New Connector

over 7 years ago

Each SyncItem instance is a representation of the in memory data for a single item in the repository and must implement the following abstract methods:

  • Object getValue(String property)– returns the item’s value for the specified property name.
  • boolean setValue(String property, Object value)– sets the specified value on the item for the specified property name and returns true if the value was set in memory.
  • String getDisplayName() – returns the String to display for this item.
  • SyncItem[] getHistory()– returns the set of revisions representing this item’s full history.
  • boolean update()– update the item in the repository with the new values passed into setValue and return a boolean indicating if the update was successful.
  • remove()– remove the item from the repository.
  • boolean lock()– optionally lock the item in the repository while it’s data is being synchronized.

  • unlock()– unlock the item in the repository if it was locked during the synchronization.

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