Configuring a Connector Datasource definition

over 7 years ago

Each DataSource element in the XML configuration provides information about the repository and types available for synchronization. The DataSource elements include:

  • Name – A unique name to be used in the Synchronization definition(s)

  • Product – The name of the product repository (example – “Rally”)

Connector – Connection information for the DataPool instance.

  • ConnectorClass – The name of the DataPool class implementation.
  • Credentials – Username and password to establish connection.
  • Custom Property(s) – Any other connection parameters required to connect to the repository (example – URL).
Type(s) – Information about each type of item data.
  • String to reference the type in the DataPool.
  • ParentProperty – Optional property name of the parent ID.

  • IDProperty – Property name where the unique ID is stored.
  • Modified Properties – Properties for determining who and when the item was modified.
  • LinkProperty – Property name where the associated artifact ID will be stored.

  • readOnly – Optional boolean indicating if items of this type are to be updated

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