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Export & Import of Resources from 1 DA to the other DA

Status : Already Offered
Already Offered
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over 1 year ago

The current approach is to create the resource and properties associated with each resource in the Deployment Automation Server (Production Environment) manually.  It is extremely time-consuming and error prone.  Request for export and import of resources and sub-resources. The proposed solution is to enhance Deployment Automation Server to either:

  1. Export the application (application process, component template process, environments & resources & sub-resources) in a single json file or
  2. Export the resource and its sub-resource.
  • Already offered via Replication

  • There is replication mechanism which allows to export an application and all the dependencies (including components, environments and resources). Once the replication is imported, the user will have a set of resources in Unknown state without children. They will need to assign agents to the newly imported resources. This should significantly reduce the amount of manual interaction needed. Would it work for the customer?