Integrating Serena Deployment Automation and Maven based Repositories


Customers often ask how to connect Serena Deployment Automation and Maven or Maven based repositories like Nexus. Screens may differ in later versions of SDA.


Working with Maven based repositories and Serena Deployment Automation

Serena Deployment Automation integrates with any Maven based repositories in via simple setup and configuration. The following steps describe basic Maven integration and also Nexus integration.

  1. Maven repository description (Source : Layout - Final)

    For primary artifacts:


    For secondary artifacts:


     $groupId is a array of strings made by splitting the groupId's on "." into directories. The group org.apache.maven would then yield: org/apache/maven. This should mostly mirror the package structure in Java, though can apply to any language.

    For each primary artifact there will be a POM:

    A $artifactId-$version.pom

    POMs that are exclusively parents (packaging = pom) will have the same filename.

    Secondary artifacts do not need a POM - they will reference the associated primary POM.

    For each file that is the repository there must be a file containing the checksum of the file, typically md5 or sha1. There may also be a digital signature (eg .asc an ascii armoured openpgp signature)


Take a look at a public maven2 repository (

  1.   In SDA create a component– use the source type Maven

 Once created, you can import versions into SRA