NEW - Jenkins / Hudson HPI to publish to DA 6.x - 6.3


This updated version of the Jenkins / DA plugin allows you to publish build job artifacts to Deployment Automation (with or without process execution), run Application processes, run a Global process and set artifact status within da app process


This version of the hpi that cannot be found on the Jenkins site. The plugin now provides separate steps for upload, running processes (application and global) and setting artifact status. 


The plugin needs to be added to Jenkins CI server (see Jenkins documentation for details) and will display as DA Deploy within Jenkins once installed. To install, download the Zip file and uncompress the file (the filename for the plugin is da-deploy-6.2.0-DA6.0.0-to-DA6.2.0-28.hpi). In your Jenkins system, navigate to Jenkins -> Manage Jenkins -> Manage Plugins. Select Advanced and Browse to this file to install the Plugin. Once installed the plugin will display as follows on the installed plugins section:

Plugin Description

You will need to configure your Jenkins system to connect to your DA server. From the Jenkins home screen select "Manage Jenkins" -> "Configure System". Enter connection details for you DA server. An example of the configuration settings can be seen in the following image:

da jenkins config

Test the connection prior to saving.

Configuring Post Build Steps:

To invoke DA processes and store artifact, post build steps must be added to your Jenkins jobs. Once the plugin is suucessfully installed, add the post build step to your build job to invoke DA in the event of a successful build. For example to upload artifacts to DA:

upload jenkins to da

To execute a process without uploading artifacts:

run da app process

Additional steps (run Global procees and update artifact status) can also be added as post build steps.

Follow the on-screen help prompts for additional details of valid variables that can be used.

See attached document for more details.



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