SDA 6 Email notification tutorial


Want to use email notification within SDA 6?

The email notification mechanism is a powerful and high configurable system for providing email notifications to specific users whenever user-defined trigger events occur. For example, notifications can be sent when a deployment finishes or an approval is required.

A complete example procedure for setting up an email notification, when requesting an application process. In the linked in the PDF file: SDA 6 Email notification tutorial, and is a fully re-worked version of the guide for 5.x.


Steps to implement this functionality:

Step 1: Assign an email address to the Admin user 
Step 2: System settings has the email server defined 
Step 3: Create a new notification scheme 
Step 4: Configure an existing application to use the notification scheme 
Step 5: Run the Application process to test the notification 
Step 6: Check for new mail and check the logs 
Step 7: Review the email sent 

See the PDF File:  SDA 6 Email notification tutorial for more information.


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