Log Parser Plugin Getting Started Tutorial


Want to use advanced log parsing within SDA?

The Log Parser Plugin provides a powerful mechanism for defining multiple regular expression searches within a single step.

SDA also offers the ability to be able to upload parsed results against a particular step within the process flow.


Please see related PDF file SDA Logparser Plugin Quick Start Tutorial.pdf, which provides a simple tutorial on how to use and test this new functionality, covering following features:

  • the RegExp Search step - defining multiple parsing rules
  • the Upload Attachment step
  • the prevStep property 

Start implementing the functionality

Steps to implement this functionality:

Step 1: Create a new generic process
Step 2: Add a shell step
Step 3: Add a Regexp Search step
Step 4: Add a Upload Step Attachment step
Step 5: Complete the process flow
Step 6: Test the process
Step 7: Review the results

See the tutorial PDF File:  SDA Logparser Plugin Quick Start Tutorial.pdf for more information.


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