DA: Deployment Automation Silk Central Plugin Tutorial



Silk Central is an all-inclusive test management system that facilitates building quality and productivity into the testing process, speeding the delivery of successful enterprise applications. A central repository serves as the foundation for the entire quality process.




In this tutorial, we will create a simplified automated test in Silk Central. This test will be called from the DA Silk Central plugin.


The attached PDF document describes the following 10 steps:

Step 1: Install Silk Central
Step 2: Install and Configure Silk Execution Server   
Step 3: Create a Silk Central Requirement and Test   
Step 4: Create the Test Script   
Step 5: Create an Execution Plan   
Step 6: Run the execution plan   
Step 7: Track the Execution Plan   
Step 8: Download and Install the plugin   
Step 9: Create a generic process to test the plugin     
Step 10: Run the Global Process     

For more information see the PDF document.





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