Timestamp Plugin


The timestamp plug-in allows you to create a timestamp in the format of your choosing and store within a property for use within your process.

In some cases, it is desirable to have access to a current timestamp within an SDA process. For example, your process may include backing up files or logs into a directory, and you wish to include a timestamp in the filename or directory name. This plug-in contains a single step (GetTimeStamp) and allows you to define the timestamp format (i.e. yyyy.MM.dd - uses standard Java datetime formatting), as well as the target property to store the timestamp. Once this step is run, that defined property contains the timestamp and can be used in downstream steps.

Once uploaded into SDA, this plug-in appears under the "Utilities" menu in the plug-in palette.

This plug-in uses post-processing.  For more information and examples, see my SDA blog on post-processing scripts.



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