SDA Plugin Index


Here is your index to the Serena Deployment Automation plugins. Download the plugins and get started creating powerful processes to deploy and configure software on your target environments.


  • When you are creating SDA component and global processes, you use plugins to configure and execute steps needed for your deployment, such as requests to application servers, build management tools, database and file management systems, and test automation tools.

    SDA comes with several standard plugins already loaded and ready to go, and including these, there are over 80 plugins available for you to use in your processes.

    All of the plug-ins include self-documentation. As you use plug-ins within the processes, click the ? icon beside the properties fields to see a short description of each property. You can also find a list of the plugins along with comprehensive information on the plugins' steps and properties in the SDA documentation. Click here for quick access to the online Plug-ins Index. 

    Plugins are just a means to an end: automating your deployment processes. Get started with the provided sample processes to get the hang of it!



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