Support Tip: DA May help with operational tasks in addition to deploying software


In addition to using Deployment Automation to deploy your artifacts to various servers, you may wish to consider using DA for some routine IT operations.  DA may be used for some of the following:

  • start or stop application servers such as JBOSS, Eclipse and IIS 
  • schedule or start routine database operations, index rebuilding, or cleanup tasks,
  • routine admin operations such as cleaning tmp storage directories or purging log files
  • and other routine tasks

The advantage of using DA for these tasks is that DA is already installed, configured, and has agents running on many of your systems.  With DA, you may grant roles to specific users allowing them to run these processes on specific environments, for example you may allow many of the developers to start/stop application servers in the DEV environments, while you may have a very restricted list of who may run these procedures in a production environment.

When the process is configured and running, this may remove the need for dozens of team members to have passwords to other environments.  Further, DA will keep history of who requested each process and DA will record the parameters going in and the logs and status after the operation.

Please let us know if you have further questions on this idea.



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