Redirecting application's input/output when running under Error Detection command line

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I found a KB for BoundsChecker is related to my question. Please refer the detailed below. I want to know if there is a fix for this issue on version 11? Thanks a lot.



How to use BoundsChecker to check my program if a program needs to redirect input from a file or to redirect output to  a file?


When running BoundsChecker 6.5 and prior, redirecting an application's input/output is not possible. Engineering is working to fix this, so it may be available in a future release.


Old KB# 11439
  • Verified Answer

    We have investigated this and confirmed that  BoundsChecker does not support redirection at this time. The root cause is that GUI applications do not natively support redirection, as console applications do. BoundsChecker is a GUI application, even when BC.exe is run from the shell and the GUI is hidden. This may be available in a future release. However, even if BoundsChecker were modified to consume the redirection parameters, these parameters would only be viable for reuse if the target application was a console application.

  • Thank you very much! I just want to use BoundsChecker to test a console application:)