VxD Breakpoints not firing



I would like to trace my device driver. For that, I set a breakpoint on execution by the softice command BPX or by a double click on the code line. But, my problem is that Softice doesn't pop up and the machine doesn't halt at breakpoints  when I execute my program.

Environment : I use Visual C 5.0 and MASM 6.11c to compile and link my VxD. To generate debugging information, I set the following options:

   - MASM 6.11 : /coff /zi

   - Visual C 5.0 /Gm /GX /C /FD /Zi

   - Miscrosoft linker : /pdb:" myvxd" /debug /machine:i386 /debugtype:CV /vxd


If your vxd has the same base name (no path, no extension) as another module, symbolic information can get confused.  For the purppose of debugging, we recommend renaming one of the file to a different one.  In this way, we can syncrhonize loads with break-points and you can debug easily.

Old KB# 11737
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