ActiveX Error 429 when trying to run WebServer



Error accessing the TrackRecord WebServer page:

Error in /cgi-win/itemview.dll An internal error has occurred in /cgi-win/itemviewl.dll

ActiveX component can't create object (error #429)


Are you running the shared file version of TrackRecord (TR32.EXE) or the client server/FairCom version (TRCS32.EXE)? On your web server, you will find one of these executables that was installed to your system. TrackRecord uses OLE automation to access the database using one of these EXEs.

From a DOS command prompt, go to that directory and if you are running the shared file version of TrackRecord, type:

TR32.EXE -unreg -regserver -typelib <ENTER>

if you are running the Client/Server version, type:

TRCS32.EXE -unreg -regserver -typelib <ENTER>

Once you have done this, also from DOS, go to the CGI-WIN directory where TRWEBMONITOR is installed and type:


Exit from DOS. Now try re-accessing the page. These steps should correct your ActiveX error.

Old KB# 11543
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