DevPartner Studio Professional Edition 7.x (DPSPE) Concurrent License Install



How do I install DPSPE with a concurrent license file?


There are a few different steps to installing DPSPE with a concurrent license. This article goes through these steps for a DPSPE 7.x concurrent user install.

Confirm your license.dat file is concurrent:

To verify that your license.dat file is concurrent please make sure that it has a "SERVER" line that contains the hostname and Mac address of your license server machine. You will need this license to install the FlexLM License Manager on the server machine. Save your license.dat file to a permanent location on the server machine. (Note: your sales person should be able to help you obtain this license file.)

Installing the License Manager on the server machine:

Once you have saved your License.dat file to a permanent location on the server insert the DPSPE disc on the server. Click on explore this CD at the bottom of the splash screen. Once you are in the explorer open the "LicMgr" folder then double click setup.exe this will start the install of the license manager. During the install the LAU (License Administration Utility) will appear prompting you to point to the license.dat file. Once you have done this the license manager install will continue. (Please note that just installing the LAU from the splash screen is not the same). Once this is installed shut down and restart your system or go to Services and start the FlexLM License Manager Service manually.

Installing the DPSPE tools on a client machine:

Next insert the DPSPE disc on the client machine and begin the DPSPE install. When you are prompted to enter a license file or server during the installation on the client make sure to add the server by typing in "7166@<HOSTNAME>" where hostname is the license server machine hostname. This will point the client machine to the concurrent license on the server machine.

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