BoundsChecker v6.03 configuration for the Visual C 6 (VC6) Windows CE Toolkit



How do I get BoundsChecker to check a Handheld or Palm Windows CE application debugged through an emulator in Visual C 6 (VC6)?


You need to be sure that you are building only for the x86emulator target. BoundsChecker can't support any Windows CE build built for any other target machine. You will also need to follow the following steps:

1. PRB: Trying to debug the file with ActiveCheck reports 'No events' again and again, or user breakpoints again and again. (Lots of INT 3's)

    FIX: You must be sure that you are linking with kernel32.lib. You can add this to your Additional objects/libraries under your Project | Settings, Linker tab. In some cases you may need to follow the following step.

2. PRB: During the linking step, the instrumentation build announces that it cannot find kernel32.lib.

    FIX: Add the following directory to your Additional library path: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\Lib (or whatever this maps to on your machine.)

3. PRB: During the startup of the first debug run for the executable, you get an Unable to locate SYMENGNT.DLL in the specified path.

    FIX: Add the BoundsChecker path to the Tools, Options, Directories, Executable Files list in VC. (Or make the executable's working directory whatever maps to your BoundsChecker directory.)

After doing this, your errors should be detected just fine as they are for normal programs or for the VC5 Windows CE Toolkit.

Old KB# 12267
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