TrueTime and TrueCoverage: There was an error saving the session file (%d)



Using Windows XP and DPS 6.6 session files cannot be saved?


Windows XP, officially launched on October 25, 2001. Our currently shipping DevPartner Studio 6.6 and DevPartner Studio Enterprise Edition 6.6.1 both operate 99% on Windows XP even though they were released six months before Windows XP was released. Through extensive testing, we've just identified 2 minor issues,

1. Save session file

2. View session file

which happen rarely, caused by a change in the way Windows XP sets access permissions. Fortunately, there are workarounds for the first one:

A. For DevPartner Enterprise Edition, check "Save sessions automatically" check box in Remote Agent. Everything will be fine then;

B. For DevPartner Studio, set Environment variable before running TrueTime/TrueCoverage ( Please go to help and search for 'Environment Variables' )

Old KB# 11804
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