WebSphere Studio Application Developer version 5 and DPJ 3.0



I have upgraded from WebSphere Studio Application Developer (WSAD) 4 to version 5.  The DevPartner Java plugin is no longer available to me. Can I use DevPartner Java 3.0 with WSAD 5.0?


WSAD 4 is built on Eclipse version 1, however, WSAD 5 is built on Eclipse 2 which has a different directory structure for plugins. Our plugin code needs to be modified in a future release or patch. In the meantime, you can manually profile your web applications in the WSAD test environment by setting some environment variables. This is a workaround. To accomplish this do the following steps:

1. Set 2 environment variables NM_ANALYSIS_TYPE and NM_CONFIG_NAME as system environment variables through the Windows control panel. Give NM_ANALYSIS_TYPE the value performance, coverage or memory depending on the type of analysis you wish to perform. NM_CONFIG_NAME will have as a value the name of the Configuration you want to be used, such as Default for example. WSAD needs to be restarted after you set these so it will include them in its process environment and thus pass them along to the test server when it's started up.

2. Within WSAD in the environment for the test server set a JVM argument of -XrundpjCore. Then the next time the test server is started up within WSAD, this argument will cause the VM to hook our core into the process and profiling will take place automatically.

The "clunky" part is that if you want to change the type of profiling or the configuration in use, you'll need to restart WSAD.

But this will enable you to use DPJ 3 with WSAD until we have a plugin written.

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