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I'd like full tracing done on the app and when a run-time error occurs, the error is displayed, the trace and error is logged to a custom text file, and the app exited.

Is there a way to do this?


After adding FailSafe to your project, go into the FS standalone and load up the project.  In the Tools menu,  select Client INI editor.  Select the interceptor options tab and turn on write to log file (enter name of file).  Select the tracer options tab and turn on the 4 options there.  This should get all of your errors logged.  If you use the Visual Tracer while running your app, it will give the location and line number of your error.  As for exiting your app when a runtime occurs, you need to create your own modified .tpl and put it in the numega\failsafe folder.  Try copying maximum.tpl and naming it maxEXIT.tpl .   Then modify the existing code to unload your app after a runtime.  Then select the maxEXIT.tpl when you add failsafe instrumentation in VB Studio.  DevPartner FailSafe does not have an exit option so this is the only way (you could add a button to the failsafe splash that exits as well).

Old KB# 12152
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