BoundsChecker and Informix SCO Vision database driver.



I get the following error when running a program under Delphi with BoundsChecker switched on:

Project TowerTest.exe raised exception class EDBEngineError with message General SQL error.  Specified driver could not be loaded due to system error 1114 (SCO Vision ODBC).  Alias db_baccman.

The program does not access the database after giving this error.  Without BoundsChecker switched on the program runs correctly.

The version of Delphi being used is 3.0.  The version of the Informix SCO Vision database driver is 4.16.90000.  The ODBC driver is set up as a system DSN.


This is documented on the SCO home page (

"SCO SQL Retriever



This information is now available at

Specified driver could not be loaded due to system error 1114 (SCO Vision ODBC)


This error appears with SQL-R 4.16 when trying to make a connection with SQL-Retriever from e.g. SQL-Gold or MSAccess. Note that even though it is not possible to make a connection as a result, it is possible to add a datasource from Control Panel/ODBC, which does not tend to be the case in similar incarnations of this type of error. This error does not occur in every installation of SQL-Retriever: it appears to happen only under certain configurations of hardware and software, currently unspecified.


The function AllocThreadStorage within odbcwep.c was not returning a value. As a consequence the return value for this function was deemed from a previous call.

This meant the value could have been returned as false at certain times on given setups. The function now returns true.


A new VWODBC32.DLL has been provided. Release build for both the SQL-R lite and full SQL-R dlls is 4.16.902 dated 24 April 1998. The patch will temporarily be available on in pub/support/SQL-R/oneoff/sqlr416, and will propogate to time and also to later versions of SQL-R.

Ftp site:"

This information is property of Informix, and was borrowed from their website, and has always solved the problem. Please contact them for further problems dealing with their products.

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