SoftICE and ATI 3D Rage video card



I cannot get SoftICE 3.2x to work with my ATI 3D Rage Pro (II) video card.  The card is a chip on the motherboard.  I am using the Boot startup mode with SoftICE.


There are known issues with the current version of SoftICE and the ATI 3D Rage chip on the system motherboard.  This is common amongst the new Dell systems.  At this time, this is the following workaround that we are using in house:

1.  Need to download and install the latest version of the video drivers from ATI

2.  Need to change the SoftICE startup mode to either Automatic or Manual.  It will not work if the startup mode is set to BOOT or SYSTEM.

3.  Check the Universal Video Driver check box from the SoftICE Display adapter setup.

On our system, this allows SoftICE to work and use the Universal Video Driver.

Old KB# 11987
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