How to Add/Remove FairCom as an NT Service



I want to add the TrackRecord FairCom server as an NT service.  How can I do this?  I also want to know how to configure the service to startup manually as well as how I can remove the service, if necessary.


The following information contains instructions on how to Add/Remove the TrackRecord server as an NT service as well as how to configure its startup mode.

The TrackRecord/FairCom server can be setup to run as a Windows NT service.  This lets the server keep running while users long on/off of the Windows NT server or workstation.

To run the server as a Windows NT service:

1. Install the server as described in the installation instructions

2.  Start the server and confirm that the client machines can access the server

3.  Shut down the FairCom server

4.  Login to the server/workstation as the Administrator

5.  From a DOS command prompt, change to the FairCom server directory and type:

instsrv <server_directory>

where <server_directory> is the full path name of the FairCom server directory

You should see the message:

Service Installed

The server defaults to manual startup.  This means that each time the server machine is rebooted, you have to manually start the server.  To do this, from the Windows NT Control Panel (Start | Settings | Control Panel):

1.  Double-click on the Services icon

2.  Select the FairComServer line, and click Start.  To stop the server, select the FairComServer line and click Stop.

You can also have the server start automatically when Windows NT starts by selecting the FairComServer line and changing the Start Up type from MANUAL to AUTOMATIC.

* Removing the TrackRecord/FairCom server as a Windows NT Service

You can remove the FairComServer service at any time.  To do this from the Windows NT Control Panel:

1.  Double-click on the Services icon

2.  Select the FairComServer line, and click Stop

3.  Exit the Control Panel, open up a DOS command prompt, go to the directory where the FairCom server is installed and type:

instsrv remove

You should see the message Service Deleted.

To access the database, you can now run FairCom as an application.  To do this, from the FairCom directory, run CTSRVR.EXE.

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