Cannot find hidport.h



I'm trying to build the WDM DriverWorks library, and I get the error that it cannot find hidport.h.  There is a copy of hidport.h in my DriverWorks directory.  Why can't the DriverWorks library find this file?


HidPort.h is included in the directory W2KDDK\SRC\WDM\HID\INC, an example directory of the Windows 2000 DDK. You must do a complete install of the Windows 2000 DDK including all examples in order to have this file. DriverWorks should find hidport.h in the DDK directory when a complete install is done.

A dummy version of hidport.h is included in the DriverWorks directory. This file should not be used in compiling the DriverWorks library.

Old KB# 12097
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