Instrumenting Multiple Projects With FailSafe



Our team is developing about 60 projects, covering 227 unique source files.  I would like to de-instrument and re-instrument them all at once.  I just spent some time automating the creation of an ini file for use by command-line execution of failsafe.exe as per instructions in the docs.  I can't get it to work.  Please help!  I was hoping to pass in a dummy .vbp file, but even passing in one of the real .vbp files does not work; it doesn't even instrument those files among the 227 that are members of the specified .vbp.


FailSafe will not be able to instrument (and uninst) multiple projects at the same time.  The best thing to do is to instrument each vbp from the command line.  Grab and rename the fsCmdLn.ini file that is generated each time you instrument. It is located in the NuMega\FailSafe\fsTmp folder.  The newly renamed file would go into the project's folder (or any location you wish).  You would then need to add the [remove] part of the ini to each as well.  From here you could make a batch that repeats the steps to call each project from the command.

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