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What information does the BoundsChecker (Error Detection)  support team routinely ask for?  I would like to speed up the process of support by providing as much as I can up front.


Applies to all versions of BoundsChecker.

1. What compiler / version / service packs are you using?

2. What OS / service packs are you using?

3. Do you have any other compilers installed on your system?

4. Are you using any third party libraries in your project?

5. Are you using any other programs that integrate into the IDE?

6. What are your compiler settings? Linker settings?

7. What sort of project is this? What is happening in the program when you get the error?

8. Are you using COM or COM ? If so, how extensively?

9. Are you mixing release and debug builds with this project?

10. Do you have administrative privileges on this machine?

11. Is your code optimized or are you using any in-line assembly language?

12. Which C-Runtime library are you using? (Single threaded, Single threaded debug, Multithreaded, Multithreaded Debug, etc)

13. Which version of our products are you running?  DPS or BoundsChecker Suite?  8.0 or 8.1?

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