Merging Java Profiles Run Under Different Virtual Machines



Is it possible to merge session files produced with the same Java Appm but run from different VMs? (i.e. run once with SUn VM, and then with MSVM, and try to merge the results.)


It cannot be done from the TrueTime/TrueCoverage UI, but can be done using the command line utility 'NMMerge.exe'. Here is the syntax to make it work:

nmmerge /m <mergefile.tcm> /i "Java Classes" <sessionfile1.tcs> <sessionfile2.tcs>

This command tells NMMerge to merge the code in "Java Classes", which is where the image for all executed java classes is stored.

The caveat to this is that different VMs may load a different set of classes, which may affect your volatility. To prevent this, make sure all system classes are properly excluded, which they should be by default.

Old KB# 11925
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