Using the DevPartner tools with Java Servlets and Java Server Pages



How can I use the DevPartner tools with my Servlet or JSP project?


While we do not directly support any servlet/jsp engines (such as Apache/JRun), it is still possible to use our tools by using a pure Java servlet/JSP engine.

Our tools work by connecting to the JVMPI interface in the Sun VM (or setting some monitor registry keys with the Microsoft VM). When the proper environment variables are set we insert our hooks so that we can perform our coverage / profiling functions.

In other words, as long as your servlet / JSP manager uses (underneath) one of the standard JVM's, our tools should work just fine.You simply need to have TrueTime or TrueCoverage kick off the executable that instantiates the JVM (or use the Remote Agent). For instance, in Allaire's JRun, have TrueTime kick off the JRun Service Manager.

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By running a Java webserver that is completely contained within the main JVM, you can still start the application with nmjava.exe, permitting our tools to work correctly.

There are quite a few Java webservers that support servlets & JSPs. In particular, the sun reference implementations for servlets & jsp are free and more than adequate for coverage testing / profiling.

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