PROBLEM: Setup Not Taking Serial Number



When running the setup program, at the NAME / COMPANY / SERIAL # screen, I enter a valid serial number, but setup says that it is not a valid number.


Make sure you are entering the 12 digit number that includes hyphens on your registration card or CD envelope.

If you are still having problems, you may have extraneous files in your system's temporary directory.  To rectfiy this:

1.  Exit from the Compuware setup program and then shut down all other applications.

2.  Go to your system's temp directory (Under Win95 the default is:  \WINDOWS\TEMP.  Under NT, right click on the My Computer icon | Properties | Environment | User Vaiables - TEMP).

3.  Delete all files and subfolders from this directory.

4.  Re-run the Compuware setup program.  Setup should now take your serial number.

If setup does not take your serial number, please contact our customer service team at:  800-468-6342

Old KB# 11967
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