CRPkgPackage: Failed InitCRManager HR = 80040e14 m_cr7PrefsDB GetPreferences



CRPkgPackage: Failed InitCRManager, HR = 80040e14 m_cr7PrefsDB GetPreferences when starting CodeReview


Please look at the Advanced Settings for your CodeReview7PrefsDB System DSN and see what the value is set to for ExtendedAnsiSQL.

If the value for ExtendedAnsiSQL is not 0 then please change it to 0, Click ok and then try to run CodeReview within .NET

This setting change is specific for this DSN connection and changing it will not effect anything else on your system.


In Jet 4.0 there is a new property called ExtendedAnsiSQL. The Jet OLEDB Provider version 4.0 turns on this new ANSI flag to enable new SQL syntax. Because the ExtendedAnsiSQL flag is turned on, Jet 4.0 uses the reserved words list defined by the SQL-92 standard. If the user tries to use a SQL-92 reserved word as an unquoted object name, an error is returned.;en-us;238243;EN-US;248738

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