Specifying a COM object on a particular host



The settings panel has all hosts separate from the COM objects -- How do you specify a COM object on a particular host?  I am using two identical COM objects on two different machines and wanted to identify the one on this box rather than the other while including both boxes as hosts for the transaction.


Currently, there is no way to configure individual hosts to include or exclude certain targets.  We are aware of this limitation and plan to address it in a future release of DA.

The transition graphs may provide a means of distinguishing the COM objects, however.  The "Events by Machine" graph will identify on which machine a particular COM event was executed.

The current "limitation" that does not allow users to configure targets on per-host basis was chosen because it significantly simplifies the user interface and management of the workspace information.

DA provides other means for the user to determine where a COM object is being used.  As suggested above the "Events by Machine" transition graph will help.   There are, however, more specific (and more powerful) transition graphs available.  The "Events by COM class" and "Event by COM Interface" transition graphs by themselves (or in combination with the "Events by Machine" or "Events by Process" graphs) can provide detailed views of what COM objects and interfaces are being used within distributed application.

Finally, the action filtering capabilities of DA can be used to pinpoint exactly what user action caused the use of the COM object, even if there are multiple simultaneous clients making use of the COM object.

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