Restoring a Backup Copy of the Database



How do I restore my TrackRecord database.  I have:

- A complete  backup of the entire database (from my tape archives)

- Only my DAT database files (TrackRecord database data files)

- Only my *.DAB files (TrackRecord backup files)


Before restoring your database, you should make a copy of the one you are going to replace.  Once you do that, delete all files from your database directory.

If you are restoring a full copy of the database (I.e., you have all the IDX and DAT files), you can simply copy the files to the database directory and start TrackRecord.

If you only have your DAT files, copy the files to your database directory and then run the REBUILD UTILITY on the files.  This process will create the IDX files, completing the restoration of your database

If you only have the DAB files (Backup copies of the TrackRecord DAT files), you need to rename all the *.DAB files to *.DAT and run the rebuild utility on them to restore your database.

Old KB# 11627
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