Reconcile: Adding Attachments and Flow Diagrams



Is it possible to add attachments for UI and flow diagrams? If it is, will they be passed on to Trackrecord and QA dir?


It is not possible to add attachments/diagrams directly to a requirement or to the database, but it is certainly possible to add such attachments to the Word documents (Word supports that with no problems). Such attachments, as with the documents themselves, are not "passed" to TrackRecord or QADirector -- but you can certainly reference them from those products yourself (or simply jump from TR/QAD to Reconcile and view the docs/attachments.)

You can mark any part of a Word document as being part of a "requirement", so for example, let's say they have a "Diagrams" requirement type. Each of those requirements can certainly reference a part of the Word document that contains their actual picture (along with a textual Name and/or Description). Obviously, you won't be able to query against the contents of the diagram (it's not text), but whenever you say "Open in document" for such requirements, you'll go directly to the diagram.

[Side Note: The idea of a "diagram" requirement type is atypical in most cases. A diagram is usually just some supporting piece of data for some other requirement -- it is unusual to consider the diagram itself as the requirement. It is just a supporting asset, which is done in Reconcile by simply adding additional data to the document itself -- or by defining custom attributes for your requirements.]

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