WSAD 5.0 with DPJ 3.0.3 or DPJ 3.3 - no active session



Trying to profile from within WSAD using the option 'Run DPJ on Server with Performance Analysis' (Memory or Coverage), nothing happens. DPJ doesn't open. I am not able to see a session file in the Active Sessions tab or in the /var/sessionfiles directory


If you are using DPJ 3.0.3 or DPJ 3.3 with WSAD 5.0, you need an updated NmEnableDPJ.dll. The new NmEnableDPJ.dll file is posted on our Frontline website at:

*First time users will need to register for Frontline and activate their registration.

  1. From the Frontline Home Page, under Product Support, Select 'DevPartner and DriverStudio' from the dropdown list.
  2. From the DevPartner and DriverStudio home page, select fixes/downloads.
  3. Scroll to the DevPartner Java section for the patch and installation instructions you need for WSAD 5.0 titled: WSAD 5.0 / WSAD 5.0 Integration Edition plug-in for DPJ 3.0.3 and above with Install Instructions.
  4. Replace the NmEnableDPJ.dll in the com.compuware.dpj.plugins directory under [WSAD Install Directory]/eclipse/plugins, overwriting the dll that was placed there when running our IDE Add-in installer.
  5. Restart WSAD and retry the Run DPJ on Server option. You do not need to open DPJ - it will launch automatically from within WSAD.

Note: This updated file is only needed for DPJ 3.0.3 and DPJ 3.3.

DPJ 3.3.1 does not support WSAD 5.0 but does support WSAD 5.1 and RAD 6.0.

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