TrueCoverage ATM Example -- 'Java Transactions Not Available' error



I tried to run the sample app installed with TrueCoverage, the ATM example.  When I check the box marked 'Use Java Instrumentation,' a dialog pops up that says 'Java Transactions Not Available.'  How can I run TrueCoverage's ATM example with java?


This is a known issue with TrueCoverage.  The ATM example needs to register a particular COM object in order for java instrumentation to work.  If you are seeing the aforementioned message, then chances are this object hasn't properly been registered.  To correct this, first search your local drives for javareg.exe.  Make sure that it is present, and that it is located in your Winnt\System32 directory.  Go to a DOS prompt, and navigate to the ATM example's Bin folder (usually located in c:\Program Files

umega\TrueCoverage\Examples\ATM\Bin).  Once there, type in ..\java\reg at the DOS prompt.  This should register the object properly, and ATM should now work fine with java instrumentation.

Old KB# 11904
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