Generating FPO data with MSVC 6.x



Why don't I  get a good call stack dump when I'm using SoftIce >= 3.25 to debug my image built with MS VC 6?


The only way to get a really good call stack trace inside of SoftIce is to ensure that your application has FPO data associated with it.  Empirical tests have shown that although all service packs of MSVC  6.x generate FPO data in the PDB file, they seem to have difficulty creating the proper FPO debug entry in the PE debug section.  This means that our tools are not able to find the necessary symbolic information.  Without this information SI can only make a best guess as to what the current stack frame looks like.

The best workaround for now is to use a different linker version. VC 5, SP3 seems to work well with PE executables.

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