The name of my license server changed. Do I need a new license?



We have changed the host name of the license server; do I need to request a new license file?


You do not need a new license. The following items in the license file can be safely modified:

· Host names on the SERVER line(s)

· Port numbers on the SERVER line(s)

· Paths on the DAEMON line(s)

· Options file paths on the DAEMON line(s)

· Optional port numbers on the DAEMON line(s) (for firewall support only)

Modification of any other non-comment fields in the file

will invalidate the license.

If you move the license to a new server or change the network card in the current server you will require a new license. If you require a new license. To obtain a new license; in North America please call 1-800-538-7822, in all other countries please contact your local Compuware subsidiary or distributor.

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