Invalid Stack Frame Modification Error


Problem:  Profiling with Performance Analysis generates an Invalid Stack Frame Modification Error.  This is a known issue for the DPS 11.x.x series.

Invalid stack frame modification errors generally have to do with Performance Analysis attempting to profile unsupported stack operations (Performance Analysis requires a well defined stack to follow).  Usually, the product may encounter such operations in either systems DLLS or 3rd party libraries. 


There are two workarounds available to try and resolve this issue.

#1: Start Performance Analysis in Debug, not “Without Debug”.  See Fig 1.

Fig 1.



#2: Select “Exclude System Images" from the Performance Analysis property page.  See Figs 2 & 3

Fig 2.

Fig 3.


If the steps above do not resolve your issue please provide Support with the following:

* A system information file of your system. Navigate to Start->Run and type "msinfo32.exe" in the command box. Once msinfo32.exe is launched, select File->Action and then Save to generate the .nfo file

* A build log (including the settings fed to both the compiler and linker) from a build that exhibits this behavior

* A brief description of your application

* Version of Visual Studio

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