Updated Reports not displaying for users with Non-Admin Priveleges



A report has been created and saved by an administrator, however, users, withnon-admin privileges, do not view this shared report the same way the administrator is able to view the oultine.  The column information(type)and location(order) varies by user - why is this behavior occuring and how can it be fixed?


You are probably experiencing what we call the "Share Bug" which has been fixed in the release of version 6.0.  This occurs when there is a clone of the former or original outline that is hiding the new outline view.  This happens when you share an outline to all users (which only a user with admin privileges can do), but the outline doesn't seem to take affect.

The work around is to have any user (NOTE; WHO DOES NOT ALSO HAVE ADMIN PRIVILEGES) go to file - manage outline - select the outline that is not viewing correctly and then select delete.  What they have just done is deleted the old clone view.   Now they can go back into file - manage outline - select the same outline (note: the outline is still present though it was just "deleted") and the user can open the outline.

Important Note: Any user who also has admin privileges should not perform the above instructions for chance of deleting  the outline.   The work around to this is to take away these user's admin privileges to perform the steps above to delete the clone, and then reapply the admin privileges after the steps are completed.

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